Small Business Planning

When starting a small business, many people are unaware of the regulatory, tax, and administrative tasks that must be addressed. In addition to ensuring you have the appropriate permits in place, you also need to ensure you protecting your personal assets.

Small Business PlanningSmall business owners often think they merely need to open the doors and begin selling their products or services. However, there are tax matters that must be considered, regulatory challenges to face, and in many cases, staff members to be hired. Some of the areas we can help with include:

  • Identifying the right business structure
  • Filing the right paperwork with state and local authorities
  • Developing vendor, employee, and partnership agreements

At Teel & Associates, PLLC we take pride in meeting with those who are starting small businesses and help them address the potential challenges they are facing early in the planning process. We know that time spent with planning can stop problems from occurring later. Contact our small business planning attorney when you are considering a business startup in Seattle, Shoreline, Lynwood, or Everett and let us help you get your business started on the right foot, in the long run, this extra time will pay dividends.