Real Estate Transactions

When you are involved in any type of real estate deal, your hope is everything moves along smoothly. However, there are various issues which can occur that can cause you headaches. Whether you are purchasing residential or commercial real estate, leasing a property, or selling a property, you should work with a skilled real estate attorney to help with the process.

Real Estate TransactionsToo often, buyers and sellers learn too late there were clauses in agreements that have caused them problems. The time to identify problem areas is before an agreement is signed, not after. It is always a good idea to have all agreements, including lease, rental, and purchase agreements reviewed by a skilled attorney before they are signed.

Property purchases present unique challenges. In addition to purchase and sale agreements, you may need an attorney to review the property deed, help with closing, do title searches, and review financing contracts. These matters require an attorney who has a solid understanding of real estate law. If you are involved in any type of real estate transaction, contact Teel & Associates, PLLC right away and let us help guide you through this process. Our goal will always be to protect your best interests.