Elder Law

Preparations are needed to ensure you are cared for in your golden years. In some cases, you may need long-term care at home, in a skilled nursing facility, or an assisted living arrangement. Regardless of your needs, you must plan financially for all types of possibilities. Waiting too long to begin planning for your care later in life can be costly.

Elder LawMany seniors are unable to qualify for benefits they might otherwise be entitled to because they fail to plan for their needs later in life. Most of us will face unique challenges as we get older. There are typical challenges such as aging, but other challenges include the potential of disability, incapacity, or illness. We can help meet a broad range of needs including:

  • Asset protection
  • Assistance with Medicaid
  • Advance estate planning
  • Trust creation and more

Contact Teel & Associates, PLLC today and we can discuss the options that may be available to you. We will do a comprehensive overview of your current financial status and help you make the right decisions so your care as you age will not be in question.